About Matthijs

I am a political sociologist at the University of Amsterdam, where I work as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. I received my PhD from the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR). My research focuses on the causes and consequences of the rise of populist and radical (left and right) parties. Who votes for such parties and under which conditions? What are the implications of the increased electoral successes of these parties? In my research I try to answer such questions.

I am the initiator of The PopuList, an international research collaboration which offers academics and journalists an overview of populist, far right, far left and Eurosceptic parties in Europe, and co-director of the Hot Politics Lab — an interdisciplinary research group combining experiments, physiological measurement and automated text analysis to analyze the role of emotions, personality and language in politics.  I regularly write about my research for a broader audience — in particular on the pages of the Dutch political science blog Stuk Rood Vlees, of which I’m co-founder and co-editor.

Click here for my full CV.

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