Basic Statistics

Please find below all videos of the Coursera course “Basic Statistics”. I developed these videos together with Emiel van Loon, Annemarie Zand Scholten, Auke Hamers, Antoine Ruedisueli and Marie-Anne van Stam. Here‘s the link to the full course. Enjoy!


Introduction (Matthijs Rooduijn & Emiel van Loon)

  1. Introduction


Module 1: Exploring data (Matthijs Rooduijn)

  1. Cases, variables and levels of measurement
  2. Data matrix and frequency table
  3. Graphs and shapes of distributions
  4. Mode, median and mean
  5. Range, interquartile range and box plot
  6. Variance and standard deviation
  7. Z-scores
  8. Example


Module 2: Correlation and regression (Matthijs Rooduijn)

  1. Crosstabs and scatterplots
  2. Pearson’s r
  3. Regression – Finding the line
  4. Regression – Describing the line
  5. Regression – How good is the line
  6. Correlation is not causation
  7. Example contingency table
  8. Example Pearson’s r and regression


Module3: Probability (Emiel van Loon)

  1. Randomness
  2. Probability
  3. Sample space, event, probability of event and tree diagram
  4. Quantifying probabilities with tree diagram
  5. Basic set-theoretic concepts
  6. Practice with sets
  7. Union
  8. Joint and marginal probabilities
  9. Conditional probability
  10. Independence between random events
  11. More conditional probability, decision trees and Bayes’ Law


Module 4: Probability distributions (Emiel van Loon)

  1. Random variables and probability distributions
  2. Cumulative probability distributions
  3. The mean of a random variable
  4. Variance of a random variable
  5. Functional form of the normal distribution
  6. The normal distribution: probability calculations
  7. The standard normal distribution
  8. The binomial distribution


Module 5: Sampling distributions (Matthijs Rooduijn)

  1. Sample and population
  2. Sampling
  3. The sampling distribution
  4. The central limit theorem
  5. Three distributions
  6. Sampling distribution proportion
  7. Example


Module 6: Confidence intervals (Matthijs Rooduijn)

  1. Statistical inference
  2. CI for mean with known population sd
  3. CI for mean with unknown population sd
  4. CI for proportion
  5. Confidence levels
  6. Choosing the sample size
  7. Examples


Module 7: Significance Tests (Matthijs Rooduijn)

  1. Hypotheses
  2. Test about proportion
  3. Test about mean
  4. Step-by-step plan
  5. Significance test and confidence interval
  6. Type I and Type II errors 
  7. Example
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